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Technical Papers & Notes

Can Ethernet Do It Alone

White Papers

HIMA Removes Confusion Around Burner Management Safety Standards Compliance

Safety and Security with respect to HART in combination with SIS systems

CEESI_Testing Case Study

How big are your flares

Where Flare Measurement Matters


Kalpen’s Konnections is a collection of practical networking and communication tips that I have learned/collected in my quest of learning “everything” about industrial communications. Every newsletter, I will try to pass on this “knowledge gained and lesions learned” through many missed lunches & sleepless nights. Data Communications is a topic which is dry as a bone dust but I will try to make it as funny and informative as possible to make your job of managing those equipment in your care easier. I will appreciate your feedback whether it is a positive or negative.

Thanks for your interest.

Happy Konnections.

Kalpen’s Konnection May 2020

Kalpen’s Konnection July 2020