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ERCB Approval granted for AGAR Multiphase Flow Meter

2013-06-11 AGAR CANADA CORPORATION is pleased to announce the recent ERCB approval granted to use the AGAR Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM-50) to report production under the Application No 1744341/Approval No 9426R .

Attached is the Approval letter from the ERCB for your reference. The complete Application is available using the “ERCB Application query” along with Application No 1744341 (https://www3.eub.gov.ab.ca/eub/dds/iar_query/FindApplications.aspx).

“The ERCB has approved the use of the Agar MPFM-50 meter based on the proposed operating conditions at Pad 102 at Surmont. Should ConocoPhillips apply in the future to implement different operating conditions (e.g., solvent or surfactant co-injection, >95% gas void age fractions, etc.) at this pad or any future pads, the ERCB may require validation that the Agar MPFM-50 measurement technology is capable of ensuring accurate production measurement for those proposed conditions. As such, ConocoPhillips is requested to commence discussions with the ERCB well in advance of filing an application requesting to use the Agar MPFM-50 meter on pads with operating conditions different from those referenced in the subject application. Finally, all future well pad applications for the Surmont Project are to specify the method(s) proposed to be utilized to estimate well production for ERCB reporting purposes.”

The scope of the approval covers applications for the GVF range of 0% up to 95%; suitable for ESP and Gas lift in SAGD operations.

We want to explorer the possibilities to use the MPFM-50 as a replacement for the Test Separator, providing considerable reduction to the CAPEX/OPEX as well as to provide the field with a meter designed with the most advanced technology in the multiphase measurement.

Advantages of the AGAR MPFM-50 Series:

Not fluid composition required for measurement

No Well input required

Gas void fraction 0-100%

Water-cut 0-100%

Low pressure drop

Not affected by flow regimes

High accuracy, real-time flow measurement

No nuclear (radioactive) sources

Compact, portable, and easy to transport and install

Full hands-off operation

We would like to evaluate the possibility to schedule a meeting with your team in order to explain and clarify any questions about the technology, benefits and advantages for the AGAR Multiphase technology as well as to know how AGAR can improve the CAPEX/OPEX and operations in the current and future projects.

Feel free to contact us for more information and a let us know if you want a copy of the MPFM application where all the results and analyses where described in detail. Also, we’re open to set a meeting with your team about the MPFM results and further actions for producers with regards to the ERCB.

Provincial Controls is the Eastern Canadian Representative for AGAR providing full product support from their headquarter in Sarnia. Contact Kalpen Vachharajani for more information on AGAR products.